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Axes from Gränsfors Bruks AB

Handmade axes of the best quality - 105 years of yxsmide

Everyone who worked at or for Gränsfors Use in recent years has to thank for the knowledge that is the basis for building on. Age does not mean so much; What is important is what has been learned in the meantime and how to use what you learned.
We all have a responsibility to wisely manage the other to inherit us.
Now it's the future.

Responsibility for the total

What we take, how and what we do, what we destroy is really a matter of ethics. We have a boundless responsibility for the total. A responsibility we try to take, but not always succeed. A bit of this responsibility is product quality and service life.

Making a good product is to show responsibility to the person who will buy and use the product. A good product that one learns to use properly and nurtures is likely to increase its life span. This is good for the customer, the user. But it is also good in a broader context: increased product life means we take less (reduced consumption of raw materials and energy), need to do less (get time to do something that feels important or enjoyable), destroys less (less waste).

Gränsfors Bruk has as one of its goals to make good products that have long life. As evidence of this objective, and because there is no doubt that we have a responsibility, Gränsfors Bruks AB will provide 20 years warranty. An "YX GUARANTEE CARD" can be found in the YXBOK included in the purchase of the ax.

A prerequisite for warranty is that the advice in the Yxebook for how to use and manage an ax is followed.

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