Fällknivar - Remington Cutlery - USA

Remington Cutlery - USA


 In 1816, Eliphalet II entered a shooting match using a handmade flintlock rifle for which he had forged the barrel. The gun performed well enough that it generated orders for more forged barrels. Barrel and later whole gun manufacture became a full-time business for Remington.

Following World War I, Remington Arms Company diversified to make use of excess production capacity. Cutlery was a logical extension of the sporting firearms and ammunition market and its first pocket knives were manufactured in early 1920. Its Cutlery Division became the largest manufacturer of cutlery in the USA, making pocket and hunting knives, kitchen cutlery, scissors, and other specialized cutlery for businesses and individuals. Quality was always a primary focus.

Designed to carry on Remington traditions, these knives are a trusty and reliable tool which will serve you well for many years.

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