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The knives presented on this site are all manufactured by me according to my own designs. I made my first knife as a 12-year-old in my friend’s basement. Later on the passion begun. I call it the passion for the knife as a tool and the fascination with the phenomenon of a knife.  I did not have any teacher; I learnt everything by myself through trial and error, at the times when Internet access was still very limited. Quite unlike the other knife makers, I started with the more difficult hollow grinds, just to start enjoying the flat grinds in the later days. One of my knives, The Lizard, was presented in 2009 in the album dedicated to the knives and their creators titled „500 knives. Celebrating Traditional & Innovative Designs” by John Jensen. In my portfolio I also have hunting knives, outdoor and fighter types, knife-art, as well as difficult to classify, but very characteristic Frontiers and Copper-Fields.

Over the years I developed unique style that is recognizable at a first glance. The style that known for its harmony of design, great attention to detail, and precision finishing. Each knife is made by me from scratch, except the hardening process. Each sheath is designed and manufactured by myself.


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