Fällknivar - Willumsen Copenhagen

Mikkel Willumsen

Mikkel Willumsen, custom knifemaker since 1998.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Now also with a fine range of factory knives designed by MW


- Specialized in folders, fixed blades, balisongs and chef knives.

Axes, Knifes and tools for special purposes and jobs are also done in the workshop.

Fx. scuba divers, sky divers, firefighters, special forces etc.



Willumsen’s designs, called urban tactical are based on functionality and quality, mixing classical designs with modern tactics.

Renown for his inovative and tactical designs, Willumsen is about the steel, layers of strength and function.

On top Mikkel is a truly dedicated craftsman.

Willumsen is to most a deep secret, but not between the most famous chefs in Copenhagen. They demand what only few can deliver – the best!

Mikkel Willumsen is the best hence in high demand, famous in the US for the detailed folding knifes and by restaurant chefs for the true wonders he delivers to the kitchen of most top restaurants on home turf as well as abroad.


Enjoy his fine knives

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